Costing your mural

If you are thinking about a mural and would like a quote then please get in touch. Prices generally  start at £280.


Below I have listed some factors which alter the cost of a project. If you have an idea for a mural in your head and you are trying to keep costs down then these are worth considering in the design stage.


Size. Naturally size is a factor to consider, but perhaps not quite as important as you would think.

Detail. This affects your costing more than anything else. A mural or sign can be huge, but if it is made of simple flat shapes then it will be much quicker than a very small piece with lots of little lines or a life like image.

Surface. Is the surface ready to paint on? If the paint is flaking or uneven then I may need to spend some time preparing the walls before I can start on your mural.

Outdoor walls often have a rough finish which makes painting slower and therefore more costly (although equally it can be sped up by using spray paint for some areas).

I'm frequently asked to paint on to windows or glass panels. Glass is too smooth to paint directly on to with acrylic or emulsion so I have to put down a couple of base layers, which depending on the design can almost double the cost.

Special requirements. Will your project require the use of equipment such as scaffolding or a projector? Do I need to work in a more expensive material, such as enamel, gloss or fluorescent paint? Does your mural need extra lighting, 3-d elements, extra protection such as anti-graffiti varnish?

Preparatory work. With most projects I won't charge for the research or the first three drawings, but if something is particularly design heavy then this will be reflected in the price.

Conditions. Working very high up or on the ceiling, or working around lots of objects makes my job slower. It won't have a massive affect on your budget but it is something I would take in to consideration.

Location. I tend to work mainly in Gloucestershire or in Essex. If you are not located within these areas I may need to add on travel costs, and possibly accommodation.


All of your requirements will be discussed up front, so no extra costs will ever be sprung on you. 

Using simple motifs or expanses of colour combined with a few key features can be a great way to create a big impact and stretch a smaller budget across a whole room. This can also be achieved with simple sky and earth colours bringing the elements together over a seemingly much bigger area. I'm happy to work through your ideas until you are satisfied with your quote, so do get in touch.