What happens when you commission a mural?

Once you have had a look around and decided that you'd like to know more about my painting service you can give me a call or an email. It would be great if you came to me with an idea of what you'd like, but equally I'm happy to brainstorm with you or go away and come up with some suggestions for you.


I probably won't be able to give you a quote on the first phone call unless you have a very clear idea of what you want and how big it will be, but you can refer to the pricing section if you would like a guide before we start. Alternatively, if you know how much you would like to spend then we can work with that from the start instead.


We can chat as much as you like / is needed until I have a good understanding of what you are looking for. It would be helpful if you could email me photos of the space, but measurements are fine too. It would also be helpful to send me images of anything which can help me understand what is in your head- be it a colour scheme, a similar project, photographs or images that have the atmosphere or style you are after.


Once we are confidently on the same page I can start drawing. I am happy to draw up to three sketches of variations on the idea if necessary, with accurate quotes for each. At this point if you would like me to carry on drawing then there will be a charge for each additional sketch. If you just want subtle changes to an existing design then can amend that and send it over for your approval. I prefer to keep the designs loose to leave room for manoeuvre.


When we have settled on a design that you want to proceed with we can agree on a start date, and at this point a deposit of 30% of the total is due in order to secure the dates. I will send you an invoice, and payment can be made via direct debit or cheque if you prefer.


Every project is different of course, so I will tell you about a typical mural.


On the first day I will sheet and mask anything that needs protecting and start drawing your design in chalk. I don't usually do this in much detail, just enough for you to check that everything is in the right place. I then start blocking in the colour and it will probably look unimpressive for a while. I try to work 6 - 8 hour days depending on the intensity of the design (if it is lots of small detail then my days will need to be shorter than otherwise), but I am happy to work around your schedule within reason.

I will have already given you an estimate of how long the work will take, but if it runs over at all then this will not affect the cost to you unless you have asked for additional detail and we have discussed a charge.

When the painting is finished I may need to leave it a few days to come back and varnish it depending on the type of aftercare it needs. I may be able to do it there and then. I will give you advice on how to clean your mural depending on the materials used and be on my way!

When the work is completed I will invoice for the remaining balance. This will be due within 5 working days unless funds need to be released by your governing body.



The images below show how an idea moves through photos and sketches to a finished painting. I do not own any of the photographs shown here.